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Bulk Containers

Plastic & Corrugated Partitions

About Knam

Knam Industries is a multi-faceted manufacturing and distribution company, providing services to the automotive, consumer goods, and medical industries. We are committed to reducing waste and preserving the environment by turning discarded plastic materials into reusable products. Knam provides full-service recycling programs for post-industrial and post-consumer plastic products. We offer custom solutions to our customers to achieve their sustainability and cost savings initiatives. The range of programs includes scrap pick up, cleaning, shredding, regrind, compounding, and repalletizing. Knam offers testing and certification for each lot through an A2LA-certified laboratory. Knam’s customized solutions include compounding and distribution of virgin plastics. Knam provides inventory management and on-time delivery to reduce costs and lead times. The key resins in Knam’s portfolio include Polypro, TPO, ABS, PC ABS, Nylon, Acetal, and more.
Knam’s packaging solutions include designing, manufacturing & distributing metal and plastic bulk bins, metal racks, plastic and corrugated partitions, boxes, tubes, pads, and pallets.

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We offer green    effective solutions

At Knam, we are committed to the environment and sustainability. Plastics can take years and in some cases,  decades to decompose.  The emphasize on recycling can help eliminate the problem. Almost all plastic can be recycled to mitigate the impact on the environment. Knam can find solutions by diverting plastic waste from landfill and turning it into usable recycled materials, promoting sustainability and cost savings. Our solutions of sustainability and respobsible waste management provides reduced carbon footprint to warehousing, manufacturing and industrial companies.

We Provide Custom Packaging Solutions

Cost-effective solutions

At Knam, we provide a range of products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Our products and services include plastic recycling, polymer distribution, and packaging solutions. We have operations in the United States and Mexico and offer solutions to many industries.



Plastics are separated using near-infrared technology (NIR) or via density tests (floats/sinks in water)


The cleaning process includes washing, shredding, sorting, and separating non-plastic components


The grinding processes the plastic waste into small flakes ready for repalletizing 


The compounding process is to take plastic flakes and customize them with various additives to achieve color, property, and performance requirements.


Custom compounds are tested in A2LA certified laboratory and a certificate of analysis is generated



Homo-Polymers, Impact Co-Polymers, TPO, Filled/Unfilled PP and TPO


Compounding of ABS and PC ABS with custom heat and gloss levels. 


HDPE/LDPE, Bottle and Packaging Grade PET

Engineering Grade

Engineered Nylons, Acetals & Proplyenes

Mixed Rigid Plastic

Floor Sweep, Purge and Mixed Plastics 


Bulk Containers

Metal and Plastic Bins. Steel Racks 

Corrugated Boxes

Custom RSC and HSC boxes 


Corrugated and Plastic dunnage, spunbond, and no mar


Custom Tubes/Lids, Chip Pads, Corrugated Pads and Plastic Pads


Wooden and Plastic , Heat and Non Heat Treated, New and Recycled